Training Videos – Silver Members

Training Videos – Silver Members

Wealthy Affiliate Platform Training Videos

Video 25 – Facebook Fan Page

11:39 GoGetters Video 25 Facebook Fanpage And what link to Post

00 – 2:00 FB Good content and traffic

2:35-3:00 Business page Fanpage link to Jay’s webinar training

3:39 – 5:00 decision to use personal page or fan page. Make the decision and keep it. And do it

6:21 –8:00 habits we need to learn with Social Media

8:14-9:30 what we need to post on Social Media for ranking

10:00- 11:39 how to contact Bo

Video 24 – Facebook Links

11:47 Gogetters Video 24 Links on Facebook

00:-2:00 Getting traffic, the importance of it and how to make it happen on FB

2:00-9:00 How to put links on FB profile and your picture, to get people to your site

9:15-10:00 use your FB page to grow your Email list

10:16 –11: 47 Using a picture that connects you , Branding

Video 23 – Facebook Pt.3

12:48 GoGetters Video 23 Facebook Part 3

0:00 – 3:19 Getting traffic, and understanding the process

3:21- 4:43 list building for email list Sending to Jay ‘s webinar on list building

4:45:-6:33 Go to people’s WA profile and see Follow me on WA so you can find friends , great real estate

6:35-11:52 building a facebook friend list and how to do it, friend requests and who to accept

Video 22 – FAcebook Pt.2

10:59 Gogetters Video 22 Facebook Part 2

0:00- 7:14 Being on FB, Posting A Picture with your URL, the key is being active on FB, you can post on Fanpage, how to do commenting with 3 others in your niche, how to comment on 10 people, secrets to responding to FB using their name.

8:06 Do 10 more comments on Friends news feeds you did not see that gives more visibility

9:35 Make sure you when you get a response you respond back. Do this on all social media.

Video 21- Facebook Pt.1

12:31 Gogetters Video 21 Facebook Traffic Part 1

0: 3:01explaining the need for activity on FB to get traffic to your site, will also get links to your site

3:10- 8;00 the need for consistent posting, how many times and what kind of posts?

821-10:42 using an image to say thank you with your site URL

10:42 -12:31 review

Video 20 – The Importance of A Schedule

8:03 GoGetters Video 20 Importance of Schedule

0:-Working with a Schedule The importance of it for Success

3:30 explaining the math of the schedule

4:48 -7:38 the exact 4 hour schedule breakdown

Video 19 – Getting Traffic

6:38 Video Gogetter 18 Getting Traffic Remake

0: 3:16 working to getting traffic through social media start with FB using the Schedule and backlinks

3:17 –5:20 need for backlinks commenting on each others’ page to rank higher

5:21 need for consistency while using schedule

Video 18 – Focus

15:59 GoGetters Video 18 Focus and Get ready

0: 00- Summary of what has been taught so far, need for complete focus for success

3:42 how to copy a link to see later after schedule put on notepad

4:10 when you run across a good idea, make a note on notepad with URL and copy for further need

7:10 tip: explaining how to stay focused, no matter what

8:42 tip: meta tags, how to write a description to get ranked and seen and good CTA

9:55 tip to start working on getting traffic for next week no traffic no business

12:00 writing down your traffic stats for comparison so we can make it happen

15:00 the need for structure

Video 17 – Google Search Console

30:32 Go Getters Video 17 Google Search Console Analytics

0: understand that SemRush is also selling there product

2:29 – Showing that all this work is working

4:41: If yourTraffic has changed, Look at sitemap to make sure it is submitted

6:24 Keywords if more broad might have more traffic, but once keywords are defined you will have traffic you really

7:33- Low Hanging Fruit Keywords, How Many Visits Per Month can you expect

12:56 Google search Console , how to access it and what it shows

17: Broken link checker

18:39 for Future reference put all Gmail accounts on one Analytics site

19:45 Seeing traffic on GA , and how to use it , direct traffic, referral traffic, organic search and which pages are your visitors are coming too, will show you how to see what is working on most trafficked pages

25:54 SITE MAP info

26:57 monetizing can be more determined by knowing traffic

Video 16 – Affiliate & Privacy Statements

11:42 Gogetters Video 15 Affiliate and Privacy Statements

0:00-Privacy And Affiliate Statements as required by law how to word and Place them on site

2:00-6:21 Examples of Affiliate disclaimer and Where and how to place on Site

7:08 If you put up subscription box, you must have a Privacy statement

9:35 Take it at your pace

10:36 Do put up these Disclaimers

Video 15 – The Next Step

14:08 Gogetter THE NEXT STEP VIDEO 15

1:15- Dream stealers, time to get it back

3:26 Call to Action Importance, Monetization

5:15 Content that Solves Problems is Vital

6:30 Importance of Getting Traffic, Don’t wait for it, Get it. What kind of store do you really want?

9:21 Watch Getting traffic webinar by Jay, Kyle on List building

11:09 Year long journey to HELP people and Build a list

12:39 End of month check traffic check

Video 14 – Duplicate Content

15:08 Gogetter Videos Duplicate Content 14 in Series

O: how to get answers to questions

1:50 Call to Action, Must be well said

2:33- SemRush questions, Duplicate Content: how to fix it

6:09 Site Map with Google Analytics fix

8:48 Meta Descriptions to Fix title or Description

11:03 Next week working on traffic, take care of these problems, Alt text, descriptions

12:03 Do only ONE site right and learn how to make that happen

12:49 Pick a Social Media to work with

13:40 Importance of List building , Jay’s webinar and traffic coming

Video 13 – Broken Links

12:54 GoGetters How to Find Broken Links Video 13

0: Alternate texts, All in One SEO, must be done to get ranked

4:48- Broken Links Fix, Plugin step by step Broken link checker

12:30 Reminder to have great Call to Action

Video 12 – Help Is Here


Video 11 – Alt Tags

18:08Fixing Problems with Alt Tags 11th in Series

minutes 1-5  Discusses how to fill out the Title and Meta Description on a post

minutes 5-8 Discusses Proper way to add media to a post and putting a description and alt text.

minutes 8-12 Discusses SEMrush audit tool to check you websites health

minutes 12-18 Discusses WAGogetters website and the traffic stats for that site.

Video 10 – Keywords & CTA

23:28Video talks about how to use keyword correctly and using the keyword density took 

minute 1-4  Bo discusses how he reviewed several group members websites and said they did not have a clear CTA (Call To Action)

minute 4-6 Bo discussed the websites not having traffic. Advised changing some info in the posts to rank and get traffic

minutes 6-10 How to chose the right keywords , using Jaxxy and low hanging fruit

minutes 10 -15 Using the tool for checking your keyword density. 

minutes 15-18 Explains how each post should have a separate keyword

minutes 18-23 Bo talks about what the group will be doing in the near future.

Video 9 – Keywords

15:23minutes 0-3 Bo Explains the WAGogetter Trainings and how often the will be posted on Wealthy Affiliate

minutes 3-5 Talking about having a clear Call To Action on your posts.

minutes 5-13 Bo explains the proper usage of keywords and ranking

minutes 13-15 Bo explains you need to keep doing  the certification training as well as the WAGogetter training

Video 8 – About Me

24:55minutes 0-2 Bo talks about being honest about why you are not getting traffic

minutes 2-5 Talks about how to update your Wealthy Affiliate profile and put in your website and social media 

minutes 5-6 Bo discusses liking the videos and he puts out and leaving comments. That lets him know we are watching and doing the work

minutes 6-10 Talks about the about me page and what it should include

minutes 10-20 talks about getting blog posts ready. Posts should have the following formula  …problem- solution-benefit-CTA 

minutes 20-24 Talks about what we will be discussing in future videos

Video 8 – The Beginning

19:38minutes 0-3 Bo goes over the training videos and when you can expect them to be posted. 

minutes 3-5 His goal is to have everyone making $1000.00 a month by end of a year.

minutes 5-12 Bo discusses information he wants private messaged to him. He wants your work schedule, hours your working social media sites and if you have any special computer skills. example content writing, web design, ect

minutes 12-16 He wants us to check all of our previously written posts for 3 things. 1. Is is solving a problem? 2. Structure of your post, short paragraphs , ect. 3. Make sure each post has a CTA 

minutes 16-19 Bo just reiterates what he just went over in the video.

Video 7 – Let’s Get Started

10:22minutes 0-7 Bo talks about the gogetters program and the agreement to the terms of the project. Let him know which website you will be working, how many hours and what days you will be working those hours.

minutes 7-8 must follow the program and do the work if you want individual help with your site, 

minutes 8-10 Bo goes over what he needs from us and the gogetter program.